10 days of dedicated social interaction

Photo credits — Kumar Pushpam

Human is a SOCIAL animal

— Aristotle

‘Irregular’, ‘Scattered’ – these are the words that might describe my interaction on social mediums. To be frank, I myself might refer to it as Unhealthy. I don’t think I am antisocial, I have managed good number of friends who, I believe, also enjoy my company. I managed to build healthy relationship with them, however, I have my limitations when it comes to maintaining (surviving is the more appropriate word in my case) that relationship online.

After receiving a good amount of complaints about my irregular behaviour, and missing whereabouts about many of best pals I decided to do something for it. Also, after attending a session on social media marketing I realised that it is hurting my professional image and also my business. Thus an action is imperative.

I have listing down my typical online interaction on various platforms

  1. Facebook – occasional visitor, sometimes reply to almost each comment, sometime just leave it like that
  2. Twitter – regular visitor since last 2 months or so but only only for reading articles on technology, thought leadership or productivity. Occasionally I post something
  3. LinkedIn – occasional visitor again, mainly for accepting or sending a connection request. However, I understand the importance of customising the message while sending request, and take utmost care for the same
  4. Instagram – have registered to explore the platform, however, failed to reply to comments on the sole post I have there
  5. WhatsApp – reply to around 80% direct messages, and participate in some groups or topics that interest me
  6. Email – my inbox has lots of unread messages, which is my way of using a notification that an action is required on these however, after a few weeks/months I tend to delete them or mark unread without any action
  7. Phone calls – my weekly average of outgoing calls is well under 7, thus making it less than one call daily

Thus, there are high level of irregularities and I’m trying to find ways to overcome this issue. I can’t fix it in a single shot, so I’ve decided to target social networks first, before clearing my mailbox or making calls. With some personal dedication, and support from friends I am hoping for positive outcome.

Also, as my current level is well under a healthy social interaction, I’ve decided to categorise the time I’d spend on various social platforms as a productive time. This will help remind my inner core of a pending activity and I should be able to track down the progress. Below is a tentative plan of action

  1. will go through each comment posted on Facebook
  2. will start posting regularly to twitter as it is my preferred platform
  3. will increase LinkedIn interaction

I have planned to track of daily progress for 10 days, and then decide next course of action. I believe 10 days would be a good enough time to get into a habit, and to check for any adverse effect. I am using Medium for progress check for two reasons — to get motivation, tips from fellow members; and also I wanted to explore medium as a platform for expressing my thoughts, this exercise (of posting my daily progress) will help build my relation with medium.


In case you’re reading this and are an old buddy who has either reported me to the lost-n-found department, or on the verge of loosing all hopes from me; I would like to say “I’m sorry”. Below image probably describes my illness best

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