Women in Tech

Today the world is celebrating International Women’s Day, and my social feeds are filled with people suggesting how the society needs to work towards empowering women.

On the other hand, there are people who feel women don’t deserve the limelight. A couple of months back, I was in a coffee shop where two middle-aged men sitting nearby were, discussing politics, system etc. Soon they shifted to discussing how the presence of women in the decision making slows down any process, why? “Oh they take discussions too far, wastage of time and money” said the first guy, “Certainly! And this is why I do not understand why women are given such high authorities. Gender equality and all of that are ok, we have in-fact spent a lot on getting our daughter studied in a good school but I do not expect her to be appointed on a very high position of any tech company after all she is a girl, she will have a lot of responsibilities on her post her wedding why get into another mess.” The discussions about equality exist because of people like them. However, I am against such generalization – these two people are wrong and so should be condemned the right way. But that does not give someone right to call a Woman weak.

I find the concept of dedicating a particular day for praising, or supporting flawed at its core. A woman has to be supported, praised, helped all around the year the same way as any other human would be. The society needs to STOP considering them as weak, seeking help.

To promote equality one needs to feel and believe that there is equality.

This very concept is not new to our society, for the oldest Indian literature talks about Shiv (symbolizes the masculine principle) and Shakti (symbolizes the feminine principle). Here Shakti is referred as the power or the energy. Thus ancient India knew the true potential of “women power” and have provided the correct spot and respect (they’ve earned). In fact, the knowledge of that time considered these two primal powers areas being different sides of the same coin. For the visual understanding, it was depicted as one half of the same image with one side being female and the other as male like the image below. This image is considered to be the most powerful symbol of the Indian mythology.

Although as a society we lost track somewhere due to our greed and hunger for power, women still continued to shine with their glorifying stories across different times ranging from the daunting Indian freedom movement to the current age where we get to hear about great women who dominated with their skills, knowledge and power. We need to put things back to where they belong, that and nothing else can bring back the true glory a woman has back then.

At Gyrix, we are a team of 28, with 12 female members. Nearly 40% of our workforce has always been Women, which wins hands down with the industry average of women in tech with a poor value of around 20-30 (USA has a national average of 26%). Our sales team is 100% female and they report to Kunal who is known for his strict nature, rule-driven approach and unbiasedness. Kunal loves sincerity, proactiveness and initiatives and does not give a concession whatsoever other than humane grounds. Apart from sales, women occupy ALL of our important positions – right from the project manager, team lead, star performer and the HR. However, this is not a conscious attempt to be an opportunity provider – all of our team members have earned their position.

We have curated an environment where everyone feels welcomed and open to work irrespective of his or her gender. Thus, women go hand in hand with other team members and work as equally and as hard as anyone else in the team. They do clock extra hours, work late in the night, work from home, come early and do everything we expect from a Gyrixian. Does it needs to be highlighted? Absolutely! So that there efforts and hardwork doesn’t go unnoticed and this needs to be highlighted as efforts of a teammate than efforts of a specific gender.

The other day we, the leadership team, were discussing how our sales team is performing really well. Now, the fact that our present sales team is the best sales team we ever had has nothing to do with their gender and everything to do with how good they fit into our culture and embrace it. Similarly, our project manager who is currently on a maternity break is readily available to help and take responsibility openly.

I owe my success in initial days of the career to many people and a good number of them are females who have motivated me, kept me in check or provided the necessary hard lessons. This laid down the foundation and the necessary approach I carry today. When the world sees them as physically weak, I see them as being less of a show-off; when people say women are emotional fools, I find them emotionally intelligent with the knowledge to understand wrong; when people say that women need opportunity, I believe they have everything it takes to get the success we just need to get rid of our mindset.

I dedicate my success to all the female from society, family, job or Gyrix who’ve contributed directly or indirectly to my success, wellbeing and knowledge. But I would dedicate this on any given day of the year, and not just one particular day or hour.

A special mention and thanks to two teammates here – one who’s moving towards the newest happy phase of her life and going on a long term leave and the other who’s currently recovering from a major accident. Lots of love and respect to you both!

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