OYO – An Undelightful Stay – Part 1

Earlier this week I went on a short trip to Kota with a friend to attend a wedding. While on the road we decided to book a stay for ourselves with OyoRooms. After a round of discussion and analysis considering the distance from our venue, hotel rating, amenities, budget etc. We finally booked the highest rated, “premium” hotel which was approx 6.5 km from our venue of interest.

We received a call from Oyo around 4:30 in the evening confirming about our booking and to let us know that the Oyo hotel is waiting to welcome us. Around 20 minutes later we reached our hotel, where the gentleman at reception surprised us by saying that our booking was not being reflected on the dashboard provided to him by Oyo.

We showed him the booking message sent by Oyo, and also showed the booking as seen on Oyo app. However, he rudely asked us to get it sorted with Oyo. Though there was a couch there but it was already occupied by the receptionist’s ‘Uncle’ who didn’t bother to move or shift to provide us a little space to sit. Anyways, we decided to call Oyo customer care standing out in the open when the temperature was approximately 37 degrees.

Luckily, Oyo app has a button which says “I’m denied my check-in” which dialed our Oyo Captain. That call went unanswered twice and then was redirected to customer care. After waiting for someone to answer the call for approx 3 minutes I decided to hang up and dialed the number from the Internet.

After verifying my details, the operator asked me to wait while he’d transfer the call to customer Onboarding (or something like that) team. The wait extended for approx 7 minutes and so I had to hung up again. After a couple of more tries, we were able to escalate our call to floor supervisor Manpreet who was diligent to understand our problem and asked us to let him talk with the hotel in charge. The Reception guy spoke to him about the problem he was facing related to the bookings which were not being reflected on the dashboard for 3-4 days, as the latest software update is bad and he had already allowed a person’s check-in a couple of hours back who’s booking was also not showing etc. After he was done venting off his frustration, he asked Manpreet to provide the booking ID so he can search for the booking. He did find the booking with that ID but seeing his rude and I don’t care attitude, we asked him that we wished to speak with Manpreet and told him that we aren’t happy with the hotel’s rude behavior and would not want to settle down there.

Manpreet asked about our requirements of distance, and other things and told us to wait for 5 minutes while he figures out a better place for us. Manpreet also raised a support ticket for us at around 5:55 PM.

Now, this is the first half of the story and what happened in the other half was something, surprisingly I didn’t think would happen. I would be willing to share the other half too but I would like to know what would you do in such case scenario?

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