OYO – An Undelightful Stay – Part 2

After waiting for 10 good minutes, and realizing that we are already late for our event we decided to continue with our existing booking giving hotel manager a chance to throw a victorious smile. I then tweeted about our experience and mental and physical harassment we’ve gone through during this process. Although there was no physical dispute anywhere during this process, standing in open in summers at a temperature of around 37 degrees is nothing less than a physical trauma.

At 6:40 PM I received a call from Manpreet telling me that he is getting pressure from his bosses due to my tweet. He told “various customers are facing similar problems” as the reason for why he couldn’t call as promised and requested that I should post on social media mentioning that he was open to help us. He also mentioned that if I fail to do so his job is over. This call lasted for around 4 minutes, and in the entire call duration, he didn’t even try to understand if we finally got an accommodation or not.

There was a follow-up call from him after around 20 minutes, to remind me that I’ve not yet posted on social media and that his rear part is on fire. The calls continued but I decided to ignore them as I know it is more of an effort to save their job than to provide us any comfort or to try and solve our problem.

The next day an Oyo representative, who also happened to be the Oyo Captain for the city, came to meet us. He apologized for the inconvenience, asked us if we’re comfortable. We narrated our experience and the issues we faced. We also told him about the missing amenities as promised in the Oyo app and showed him the problems, listed below, in the provided accommodation.

The said property is an old home converted into a hotel kind of arrangement. This is called as a smart property in the hospitality industry and can’t be termed as premium as it lacks the kind of services (room, kitchen) etc needed to qualify as premium

1.Oyo promotes that the property has a mini fridge, but it wasn’t there in any of the rooms

2. The water tap was reversed for hot and cold water compared to global norms

3. The nob to switch between shower and tap came out when switched

4. Cloth hanger was broken in the bathroom making it hard to hang towel and clean clothes

5. There was an empty bathroom freshener container which looked like was empty since ages.

An important question is, whether Oyo’s hotel ratings rigged? Whatever be the answer, I’m not going to use Oyo services again and it’s a customer loss for them. Running a services startup for some years now, I see a good number of issues in this encounter. We, at Gyrix, have laid a culture where the team is encouraged to take value-driven decisions keeping customers in mind. Also, we boast of keeping our internal customer (the team) into focus as well. Some of the things that could have made the difference

Empathy – The hotel manager could have made us comfortable, told us that he can’t let us in till he doesn’t see booking at his dashboard. Instead of asking us to make the call to Oyo, he could have made the call to them / City captain and sort this out at his level.

Customer Centricity – Since he was aware that this problem exists since last couple of days, my expectations that he could have been more understanding stands correct.

Proactiveness – The person who made the first call to us from Oyo at 4:30 could have checked with the hotel if everything is indeed ready for our booking. The booking not showing at the hotel’s dashboard issue could be identified and rectified before we reached the hotel. Manpreet could have appointed one of his junior to coordinate with me and make sure my problem gets solved soon

Culture – After my tweet, when he was under fire from his seniors, Manpreet could have apologized for missing to call me, and tried to understand if I am settled. After knowing that I am comfortable by then, he could have requested to post on social media to update that the problem is solved. I would have done that happily

Value Driven – Team Oyo could have made peace by some means or offered cash discount after realizing the problems we faced and the fact that the hotel lacked the promised amenities for which I’ve paid for.

I’m no Taylor Swift that people would leave OYO after my bad experience, and I don’t want them to do so either, I am against such trolling. Oyo needs to be challenged and checked so they can stay away from being arrogant because they are “India’s largest hospitality company” and stick true to their motto of “Your friendly neighborhood hotel”

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