The Power Of Personal Touch and How to Lead with It

People say the technology revolution has brought a radical management revolution. I say, while technology is evolving as we are talking, human nature isn’t.

And why am I so confident about it? Reason being the countless interactions I have with my team and my customers on a daily basis that teaches me something new every day, but one thing remains constant – the power of personal touch.

In these competitive and stressful times, the workplace customs and expectations from the employer, employees and customer are all rapidly changing, but again personal touch is that constant feature that can help you create success across your organization.

This is how I use the personal touch to drive my leadership

  • Build a team people want to be a part of

Today’s generation has it both – a sense of individualism and a sense of belonging. The millennial drives the majority of the workforce and they are clear in their vision of what drives them and where they want to invest their talents. Most want to associate with a winning organization and as a leader of a young organization, it puts immense pressure on me.

But thanks to our clear vision and our personal connection with our employees with which we have been able to empower the team associated with us, both onsite and offshore, by giving them the needed space and opportunities to grow not only as a team but also on an individual level.

  • Engaging the team

Let me make one thing clear here – winning organizations use multiple touch-points to keep their employees and their customers engaged. It not only helps in offering great service but also helps in keeping the morale high.

Forming a one-on-one connection or a bond, whatever you call it, between an employer and an employee is important. A monthly meeting, a one-on-one discussion, company outings, team celebrations, recognizing and appreciating outstanding work… the ways are many, you just need to find what works for your people.

For us, it is all of the above, but majorly the knowing that they can approach me or Kunal anytime – we will make time to hear them out.

  • Direct, informal feedback

This has been working for me since I started out and not only it is highly effective, it rebuilds the connection every time.

I believe informal feedback delivered personally and at the very instant lightens any feedback as the informality of it lowers the blow, also lowering the defensiveness of the recipient and the lesson is learned while the situation is still fresh.

For me, management is not as much about strategizing as it is about executing. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, if you ensure the action is taken with a personal touch, the reaction would be mild.

From one human to other, for you to be a great leader you need to build that personal touch.

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