People say the technology revolution has brought a radical management revolution. I say, while technology is evolving as we are talking, human nature isn’t. And why am I so confident about it? Reason being the countless interactions I have with my team and my customers on a daily basis that teaches me something new every

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The modern workplace calls for a diverse environment – a team of people who come from and with wide-ranging aspirations, experiences, different cultures, languages, and geographies. As it is, managing a team requires a balance of mental and emotional strength, for a diverse team added empathy and embracing openness also makes it to the top.

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After waiting for 10 good minutes, and realizing that we are already late for our event we decided to continue with our existing booking giving hotel manager a chance to throw a victorious smile. I then tweeted about our experience and mental and physical harassment we’ve gone through during this process. Although there was no physical dispute

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Today the world is celebrating International Women’s Day, and my social feeds are filled with people suggesting how the society needs to work towards empowering women. On the other hand, there are people who feel women don’t deserve the limelight. A couple of months back, I was in a coffee shop where two middle-aged men sitting

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